Can you do readings over the phone?

I am not currently doing any readings in person or over the phone. After booking your reading and a brief consult, you will receive a PDF with both the reading and pictures (of the cards pulled for you as well as crystals that aided me during the ritual).

What is a live crystal sale?

A live crystal sale is a sale that I do in real time over an Instagram Live. I announce the date ahead of time and typically have a "presale" where you can start a basket before the sale with tumbles, spell bombs, and more. I will show every crystal as well as talk about its properties and just talk to you in general, and you can claim in real time and be invoiced after the sale!

How long does each reading session take?

Generally after booking, especially due to time zone differences between me and many of my clients, I ask that you allow up to 24 hours. Whether due to high volume or time differences, I may not always get to your reading the minute you book the consultation, but I will as soon as I am able.

Can you work with people outside the US?

Yes! I have many tarot clients from other countries and would love to read your cards. Keep in mind that for shipping crystals outside the United States it might be more expensive. Message me with any concerns or for a quote, I will try to get you the cheapest shipping I can!