My Services

Service times given are an estimate of actual ritual time. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing a booking request in case of high volume. Please read information on each service and message me with any questions. When you are ready for a reading or custom service, please fill out a contact form or email me at
I do not currently offer any fertility spells.

Three card tarot spread on decorative crystal, herb, and candle covered altar.

Energy Reading (3 Card)


This has quickly become one of my most popular services. This is a simple but incredibly insightful three card reading. This reading is intended to read your energy, recent and present as well as possible future, and/or to give you advice on where you currently stand and how to create the best near future for yourself. All readings are currently being done remotely, and all clients receive a PDF with my interpretation of their cards as well as pictures of the cards and the altar set-up I chose for them.

Custom Spell Jar


This is a custom jar. After consultation over the intention of the jar, jar size, and any other necessary items, all ingredients are intuitively and carefully selected, cleansed, and spelled to suit the client. This jar could be for self-love, abundance, sleep, divination, positivity, or it could even be created in essence of a tarot card you would like to capture. The price quoted is for an average jar, based on size and intention this listing could be from $17-28 with shipping.


Custom Cleansed Crystal Packs


This is a unique service for receiving the healing crystals you need. Most crystals in the pack will be either tumbled or raw chunks of a good size to carry around in a hand or pocket. After a brief consultation about your present state, and what you're looking for, I will intuitively and carefully select crystals for you. After performing a cleansing ritual these are packaged with love and sent to you. Shipping is included in the price of this service for United States customers.

Custom Tarot Reading


This is an openly customizable service. I will consult with you to figure out what your exact needs are and what you would like from this reading. The more prepared and open you are, the more this reading can help you. Starting at 3 cards for $30, 4 cards for $35, and 5 cards for $45. Larger readings can be discussed. Again, client will receive a PDF with their reading as well as images of the cards and the altar set-up specifically chosen for them. In-person and video readings are currently unavailable. 

Three card tarot spread using the wildwood tarot deck on a decorative crystal and candle altar.